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Manligheter in the Media

  • Aftonbladet 11/9/2013: Manligheter is mentioned in an interview with Per in Sweden’s largest tabloid Aftonbladet.
  • Expressen 11/9/2013: Per is interviewed on Manligheter in Sweden’s second largest tabloid Expressen.
  • Arbetarbladet 09/23/2013: Per is interviewed on Manligheter in hometown paper Arbetarbladet.
  • Tidningen Ångermanland 07/10/2013: Manligheter is mentioned in Lydiah’s hometown paper Tidningen Ångermanland.
  • Expressen 7/5/2012: Per’s pants are awarded “the Almedalen pant of the year” in Expressen, see clipping here. Almedalen is Sweden’s largest political event.
  • Expressen 7/6/2012: Manligheter’s Style Guide to Almedalen is mentioned in Expressen’s entertainment section. (Not online).
  • TT Spektra 1/7/2012: Interview on preppy clothing for men with nordic news agency TT. Article published in swedish regional newspaper Sydöstran and Upsala Nya Tidning. Read article here. The article was also published in norwegian online paper ABC Nyheter 1/2/2012.
  • Neo Magazine 2011: Lydiah writes a piece on modern politics most significant fashion crimes, from Obama’s soccer mom jeans to Reagan’s grey TV suit. Read the article here.
  • E24 10/24/2010: Lydiah is interviewed on the clothes worn in Wall Street 2 – Money Never Sleeps and gives her tips on how to get the Gordon Gecco-look. Read article here.
  • DagensPS 09/25/2010: Lydiah is interviewed on the fashions in Wall Street 2 – Money Never Sleeps. Read article here.