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Who We Are

Manligheter, for a more stylish life

To invest in a wardrobe and to shop for fashion are two different things. Clothes should be of such quality that they last for years. The garments should be classic enough to stand the whims of fashion. Manligheter’s mission is to guide men to a better wardrobe and aim to give guidance and inspiration in a confused world of clothing.

Manligheter is owned and run by Lydiah Walsten and Per Nilsson.

History was born in the autumn of 2010 in the home of Lydiah Walsten and Per Nilsson in Stockholm. Together with their neighbor – a Harvard-trained mathematician named Alexander – they discussed the idea of a blog on traditional men’s clothing aimed at a younger audience. The large blogs for men were mostly fashion driven and of little help when building a wardrobe for a professional adult life. The blogs out there also focused narrowly on how the clothes looked, leaving out the rich history to what we wear and why, and did not follow brands over time to see their rise or decline in terms of quality.

They agreed that the idea of a different kind of blog deserved a try. Thanks to Alexander’s knowledge of programming, Lydiah’s background as a communications consultant and Per’s natural talent for putting himself out there, Manligheter went online in September 2010. The website’s symbol would be the stuffed antelope Lydiah by accident had called in at an auction site the previous week (they named him Humbolt) and the name, they figured, would be “Manligheter”. In english this word would mean “masculinities” or perhaps “manliness”.

For the first three years, Manligheter was completely dedicated to the Swedish audience and after only a year or two running the blog had attracted almost 10.000 readers per week. The blog was now big enough to start being acknowledged by individuals around the world who shared an interest interested in the combination of traditional menswear, U.S. clothing history and easy to grasp go-to guides to what to wear and why. Lydiah and Per started to get requests from readers who asked them to do Manligheter in English. The Google Translate function was added to the website, but they both agreed that an English version of the website would have to wait – not being native in English could leave the site in a neither nor-situation where both international and Swedish readers felt alienated.

Time passed, but the idea of an English version of the site was kept alive. And so in February 2014 Lydiah left Stockholm for New York to attend grad school at New York University. This was the time to make a change and Lydiah and Per finally decided to take Manligheter to New York. The new Manligheter in New York was born.

Per Nilsson

As a trained pollster, Per is responsible for market research at Manligheter. He loves classic chinos and made-to-measure flannel suits and thinks clothes should be comfortable, traditional and everything but overthought. When Per isn’t writing for Manligheter he is Chief Analyst at Sweden’s governing party Nya Moderaterna. Want to get in contact? Follow Per on Twitter: @Pernil, Instagram: repnosslin or e-mail him at

Lydiah Wålsten

Lydiah is Manligheter’s editor; responsible for overall content and planning for the website. She believes purchasing clothes would be much more interesting should there be no trade barriers, appreciates men in colorful bow-ties and has guided a number of men to a better wardrobe. When Lydiah isn’t thinking about Manligheter she is responsible for questions regarding growth and environment at Swedish think tank Timbro. She currently lives in New York, earning a degree in Public Relations at NYU. Want to get in contact? Follow Lydiah on Twitter: @Lyw, Instagram: lydiahw or e-mail her at