5 Things From Gant’s Sample Sale You Probably Haven’t Seen

Gant Sample Sale

On 5th avenue/29th street there’s a very basic but lovely store that is constantly offering Sample Sales, this time it was Gant Rugged that was on display. Per’s wearing a sweater, a vest and chinos from Ralph Lauren and gloves from Land’s End.

Generally speaking, clothing bargains can be divided into three categories. The first one is normal sales which are regularly put on by practically all clothes makers and retailers. The best ones are typically the summer and winter sales where clothes not sold during the season are sold off. The second category is outlets. Many of the larger brands, especially in the US, have their own outlet stores where the parts of the collection that did not sell very well are sold off.

In the last few years, however, many brands have started to develop special outlet collections, which takes away from the idea of it. Some examples are Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers. If you visit a Brooks Brothers outlet, about 80% of the garments are usually from line 346 which is developed entirely for outlets, and only a few pieces are from the regular Brooks Brothers lineup. The same is true for Ralph Lauren, their sales discounts at outlets are often symbolic. For example, Ralph Lauren dress shirts and polo shirts are $60 at almost any outlet compared to the original price of about $80. Outside of Ralph Lauren’s flagship store in Manhattan, we have never seen one of their dress or polo shirts sold at that original price. Even at department stores like Bloomingdale’s, the polo shirts are usually on “special offer”.

Anyway, some brands don’t want to put their wares on sale, and neither want to nor have the infrastructure in place to send them to outlets. That leaves a third option: Sample sales. Oftentimes, this means that a third party simply buys what’s left of the company’s stockpile, rents an anonymous place for a short period, and gets rid of it all in a short period – often just a few days.

In cases like these, the savings for the customer can be enormous. The pricing often takes the form of a staircase, with up to or over 90% price reduction on the last day. We have been in situations where dresses worth thousands of dollars have been sold for $20-40. As a shopping experience, it can be hysterically packed with people, especially when there are no changing rooms.

For those who want to keep track of current sample sales in New York, we recommend the website Racked.

Gant Sample Sale

Gant Sample Sale

The store was pretty calm despite it being the last day of the sale.

Gant Sample Sale

Fisherman’s shirt with collar from Gant Rugged, looked nice but the collar was a bit on the large side for my neck.

Gant Sample Sale

Bring back the 70’s, a nice looking jacket but Per didn’t like the elbow patches.

Gant Sample SaleArmy inspired jacket.

Gant Sample Sale

This baseball jacket in leather and fish bone patterned wool nearly came home with us, but unfortunately they didn’t have any left in Per’s size.

Gant Sample Sale
Gant Rugged has done pretty well with their suit jackets. No upholstering, pockets on the outside and rolled lapels. The arms on this one are far too long, but aside from that, the jacket fit Per pretty well.

Gant Rugged has a store on Bleeker Street. See Alex Grant’s blog for more pictures on their collection.

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by Lydiah Wålsten

DIY: Moving Service in New York for less than $30

In the end of February it was time for me to move out from my temporary apartment in Little India and as the apartment was a three floor walk-up, I was very lucky to have both Per and a friend from school with me to help. We had booked a rental for the day, but right before we realized we could just download the Uber-app and have one of their SUVs come pick us up. The driver turned up with a smile and stayed happy during the entire time, which was admirable.

Per Nilsson May Simmonds

Per’s workwear: a pink shetland wool sweater from O’Connells and a vest from Ralph Lauren.

I am only moving a few blocks so it ended up being much more affordable than a rental – only $28 instead of $100+. If you’re new in the city and feel like a moving service is overkill for the stuff you have, Uber is definitely a good idea.

Per NilssonWe took some last few fragile items in my Ann Taylor carry on bag. Per on Park Avenue wearing Corneliani M2M coat and grey flanell pants from J.Press.



R.M. Williams shoes.


 uber suv

Uber SUVs are generally Suburbans and you can fit almost anything into that car. Here’s an Uber ambassador during christmas delivering presents. (Photo credit: Metro US).

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by Lydiah Wålsten

Manligheter has moved to New York

NYUHello everyone and welcome to the new and improved Manligheter. We have moved to New York. Literally moved! In January I started grad school at New York University and with that Per and I thought, isn’t it time for us to go ahead with the idea we and others have thought about for so long: introducing this blog to the US and our English speaking friends? We decided we should. After all, Sweden is ranked as one of the best english speaking countries in Europe and we know you guys – our readers –  will enjoy the blog regardless what language we use. Meanwhile we get an opportunity to reach out and say hello to all of you whom we have not met yet. We can’t guarantee that the English used here will be perfect, it most certainly won’t. What we can promise though it that it will keep improving and that we’ll do our best to meet your expectations.

So this is how it’s gonna work. From now on, our posts will be in English. It holds for Facebook, Twitter – everything. You guys are encouraged to post and comment in English, as courtesy to our new friends. If you don’t want to – that’s totally fine (of course).

We are very excited about this change and would like to take the opportunity to wish you all an early happy spring. These upcoming weeks we have some treats for you, fresh cuts straight from the city – my and Manligheter’s new home turf.


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by Lydiah Wålsten

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